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Who are Pringle Finance Group?

We’re a mortgage broker company that believes in transparency and personalized service. Our team excels at simplifying complex financial terms, processes and empowering you to confidently navigate every step of your finance journey. Combining advanced technology with our expertise, we’re committed to discovering the right loan solution for your unique needs. Are you ready to start a conversation with your dedicated mortgage broker?

What does it cost to use Pringle Finance Group?

Using Pringle Finance Group costs you nothing, because we’re paid directly from the bank if you get a loan through us. What we get paid varies. As an example, if you were to borrow $400,000 the lender would pay us $2,200 assuming a 0.55% commission. We believe in being fully transparent – so you can see exactly what we get paid from each bank.

Remember, using us doesn’t cost you anything extra, and you don’t pay a higher interest rate or any extra fees on the loan.


What's that?

LVR, LMI, Comparison rate, interest only, conveyancing and more! When we were researching our home loan options, we kept seeing all this jargon everywhere. Everyone else seemed to know what LMI meant but we…erm.. weren’t so clear. We’ve created a whole page for people like us that like their answers without a side of gobbledygook.

Got a loan already?

Maybe we can help you get a better one which has more of what you want and less of what you don’t. More flexibility, better rate, offset account, more dollars in your wallet, or all of the above? Can’t hurt to explore your options.

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